Hello and welcome to my site.

“Hello World” is a title that has been rather overused. Some may even find it annoying thus, this is the first ‘Site Notes’ article of a series to follow. As you might have seen, the website consists of the following main parts: the Blog, the Music section and the Works section which complements the About page.

We are currently in the Blog section. Here you will find articles that generally will lie within the realms of Business and Software Development. I love learning about new technologies, new programming languages and I am fond of new entrepreneurial ideas. Consequently, this is a place where we will both have the opportunities to share new ideas and learning resources.

Learning is definitely a lifelong experience and we all might feel lonely from time to time. However, if you are not in a library’s silent zone why not have some tunes as your companion. Visit the Music page where you will find some of my favourite playlists and all sorts of melodies to accompany your life.

As was initially the plan, the About page offers an overview of my professional life so far. Feel free to download my CV or contact me directly for any concerns you might have. Likewise, the Works page contains detailed descriptions of projects I have completed so far. At the moment there are just a few but do come back soon to explore new ones.

Please do comment if you have something to add. Send me your ideas if you have some to share and come back soon if you would like to see more.

Till the next one. Giannis